With WhatsApp changing its privacy policy, should you be worried?

Recently, many talks have been going on around WhatsApp's alleged privacy policy, influential people promoting Signal, and people jumping Ships. Facebook has further clarified, it is not going to read your chats. But can we trust them?

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First of all, if privacy is your only concern, nothing is going to change for you. Most of us probably, already have other Facebook apps like Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram. If that is the case with you, nothing will change because you are already sharing way more data than WhatsApp.

Apart from Facebook apps, we have several other apps, which collect a lot of information from our devices than WhatsApp collects. It is not a big deal.

Remember, once you are connected to the internet and shared something over the internet, it is no longer private. Privacy is a myth when we are talking about the internet.

The new privacy policy does not change anything related to how you communicate with other WhatsApp users. If you are worried about your chats' privacy, you should not be concerned because of the new policy. As per WhatsApp, all the messages use Signal Protocol’s end-to-end encryption, and the third parties can not read your chats.

NO! Currently, there is no way to verify if WhatsApp’s chats are end-to-end encrypted or not. Unlike apps like Signal, Telegram, etc., WhatsApp’s code is proprietary and not open for public audits. So, in the case of end-to-end encryption, we have to trust whatever Facebook is saying.

One thing that will change with this new privacy policy is the way you interact with businesses around you. WhatsApp has many business features, and Facebook is trying to integrate some of its business features on WhatsApp. This means the businesses you interact with will collect some of your information to serve you better. It does not mean the business will have your chat history, but your transaction history with the business, communications, etc., will be shared.

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